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We do not charge for

  • Drafting of advertising
  • Property condition report
  • Quarterly inspections
  • Final bond inspection
  • Annual financial summary

*Additional fee for monthly statements. Website marketing, professional photography, signage, court attendance, letting and releasing fees will only be charged when services are required.

Managing your property

Property management is a critical task that ensures your asset is protected and remains efficient.

While Australian laws are good at protecting the landlord, you still require a quality property management service to handle any issues and oversee your property and tenants.

Our qualified and experienced team of Australian property managers have expert local knowledge and we pride ourselves on communication and transparency.

Partner with a team you can trust to deliver quality tenants, good rental return, rent paid on time and to ensure your property is taken care of.


Our quality service strategy

Free property health check

Receive the best information from our expert property data software and knowledgeable team, giving you the ability to make the most informed decisions.

Free property tax plan consultation

Each year you will have access to a free consultation with our tax, finance and property specialists to ensure you are maximising your financial situation.

Tenants matter

A quality tenant pays for themselves over time. With credit & reference checks, rental collection and regular inspections no stone is left unturned.

It’s your money

Trust accounts are audited by independent trust auditors to ensure your funds are safe, secure and handled in the correct manner within the guidelines of current legislation.

Numbers at a glance

Our technology platforms are critical to our success and ensure that your data is comprehensive, complete, available and secure.

Quality tradespeople

Our network of tradespeople are selected based on responsiveness, work quality, professionalism and cost. We engage the best on your behalf.

SMATS Group - Specialist Mortgage Australian Taxation Services is part of the SMATS Group of companies and have been servicing Australian property investors since 1995.

SMATS Group are the international market leaders in providing Australian taxation, finance and property services to Australian expatriates, property investors and intended migrants to Australia.

We understand that living abroad poses unique challenges in ensuring your investment property is performing optimally. Our international network of offices provide you with a local contact to assist you with all your property affairs.

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Frequently asked questions

How do we find the right tenant?

All landlords want the perfect tenant, someone who pays their rent on time and takes care of your property as if it was their own.

It is important to consider the type of tenant that you would like to attract and market the property's features accordingly. Don't forget to take into account factors such as the time of year the property is advertised for rent, the properties presentation and advertised price.

Remember when it comes to applications, quality is always better than quantity. It is imperative that the suitable tenant is thoroughly screened. The screening process should include a full rental history, tenancy database checks, references, rent payment history and condition of their previous rental properties during inspections.

A good property manager will be able to guide you to the best tenant.

How long will it take to rent my property?

A vacant rental property is money out of a landlord's pocket. To minimise vacancy periods a few factors must be considered, including pricing comparative to similar properties, how it is marketed and presented to prospective tenants and assessing the markets demand for properties equivalent to yours.

Your property manager should be able to advise of the current 'days on market' figures for similar properties to yours and discuss the best strategy to pricing and marketing to secure the best tenant in a suitable timeframe.

Whatever you do, don't rush into a tenancy agreement as it may result in a landlord's worst nightmare. A good property manager should be able attract high quality tenants and ensure minimum vacancy periods.

How much will my property rent for?

It's our number one question from property investors and rightly so.

A quick search on sites like or will give you an idea of what similar properties are being advertised for. However, use this only as a guide as there can be substantial differences between the original advertised price and what the property was eventually leased for.

Your property manager should have access to expert property data software to produce a Comparative Rental Analysis (CRA) to show you exactly what similar properties rented for and how long they took to rent.

It is key to look at the actual rental price and the time the property was vacant to determine the best rental price for your property.

Remember all property management fees are tax deductable.

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